#18 Winter Vacation

 It is almost Christmas time and I hope this is a less stressful year for everyone. I bought all of my gifts early and will have no worries for the next ten days waiting for Christmas. Snow and I have much to look forward to, and that includes just me, him, the couch, and YouTube videos.

Today there are no struggles in relationships, but there is a struggle in career moves. I have been in school for a while, and no where close to my degree (this semester I failed two courses, and I am stressed.) I have been working two jobs, and neither one is of any interest to me at the moment. I need to start rebuilding my connections so I can work towards writing full-time! I have slacked on my degree tracking, and honestly I have fully given up at this point. I wish I were more motivated, or made better school decisions when I was younger. But it always ends with me VS money, and being poor always wins. 

I hope to change to a better job soon, and hopefully get my ass to be writing all of the time. Anyone else really struggling with this issue? 

Besides my struggle in school and work, I am excited for a restful vacation. I am excited for gift giving, and cannot deny for gift receiving as well. (Thank you to my friend for a VERY beautiful gift I received yesterday - they know who they are.) I am excited for when the year changes, to start fresh, to feel mentally better for the new year. I am excited to watch snowfall from the comfort of my couch, and to just relax with my boyfriend! 

Comment what you are excited for, even if it is just small baked goods or some nice shut eye! 


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