#15 The Rainy Days

 Small post.

Dating, to me, is tiring and annoying. It is filled with jealousy, insecurities, and gaslighting. The more you try to talk out your thoughts the worse it seems to fill your brain when you aren't given the answers that you were hoping for. We get the answers we expected. It gets complicated and annoying. Having to repeat the overthinking... It is all really hard. Relationships in any aspect do not come easy. Friendships also take work, but they should be easier. I believe that life shouldn't be this hard... but how come it is? 

Lately I have been trying to work a million jobs to make money, focus on myself, and my writing. I want to publish my work so I can feel fulfilled. I do not feel any fulfillment in life right now, but why? I am working on myself, working odd jobs, doing my writing, in school to finish my degree... but why am I unfulfilled? 

What makes you feel fulfilled in life? 

I think once I have a job that fulfills my desires, and when I am not stressed about money. That is when I will feel fulfilled in life. I definitely need some change soon. Summer is upon us. Have a good one. 


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