#14 Snowing in April

Okay. It has been a few days since I wrote that very depressing post. I felt pressured by... life, and had to write out exactly how I was feeling in that moment. I think everyone has to do in order to feel better about things. Write it all down, talk it out, scream in your car, and spend time distracting yourself with work so you don't have to face life's problems.  

I recently got a notebook that helps remind you what to be grateful for. It tells you to write your favorite moments during the day, cute things you saw, things you let go of, etc. Writing down things that you let go of makes you realize just how stupid it is to keep things in or to let things ruin good parts of your life. Make sure you write, and talk with your friends, because even if you don't think so there are people who care about you!!!

On that note, Snow and I have been good. I am not trying to rush him into anything because I do want to enjoy our time together, but I do hope for some slow developments- I care about him so much. He came to visit me at my job the other day and I thought it was the cutest. He has done a lot of cute things with me and he isn't someone who is lovey-dovey, but he shows he cares a lot- I think he hates how much he actually cares. We all have our days, and we all have our issues to work out. 

For me, letting go of things has really helped me be happier in this relationship. You can't control the past, and you need to learn to let go of it. Wishing for a change of outcomes from your past won't help you move on into the future, and that is something Snow definitely needs to learn on his own. Who you are now is who you are meant to be. 

Hope you are well. :) 


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