#12 Six More Weeks of Winter

Lately life has been kind of good. Snow and I have finally come together, after 6 weeks of no communication. It is a little confusing but I have been loving his company, and the fact that he has been wanting mine. It has been really nice. 

Besides that, and the immense amount of love I have for that man, I have been trying my best in work and school. Trying to establish myself somehow. I haven't really had the time for friends or social media. I only have few friends in the city I live in, which is fine for me! I think that it's hard to have many friends. So I enjoy having online friends as well. 

I think having friends around the world is such a good experience for anyone to have. It is something that you can enjoy forever, and gives you reason to visit all these wild places. Travel in general is good for the soul. I hope to do a lot of it if I can ever find the money to do so. 

There isn't much to say besides I hope you are well! And, if you are interested in knowing more about Snow, I will share a little bit!  Have a great rest of the week!!!


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