#9 Let's Warm Up

Lately, we have all been suffering. Anxiety gets the best of us. Depression. Maybe even saying, "Ugh, I hate being alive." But, honestly, one day you will be happy you stayed on this Earth. I have to tell myself that too, a lot. It is worth it to be here. What if you changed the world? What if you got Spider-Man powers and became the hero everyone needed? If you die, you won't be able to help others, and change the world for the better. Or, to be happy. 

Though I have trouble in love and life, and maybe you do too, we need to realize we can only make ourselves happy. Someone will come along eventually I am sure. The person you are meant to be with is out there. You won't have to look forever. But KNOW YOUR WORTH in the meantime. Do not put up with any bullshit. Don't let anyone treat you like crap. Be you, and be happy. We all need to realize we deserve the best. The best of life and the best in love. 

I don't know you, or what you may be going through, but I want you to survive this. You WILL survive this. Happiness is coming into your life. You need to have hope! Believe in what you want to, but have hope good things will come along. If you are, or were, a bad person there is always room for change because we all deserve happiness in this shitty world, but only if you earn it. Be a kind person, and kind things will come. (Except maybe a lot of people who just get away with all the bad things they do.) 

For the person you are waiting for; they are out there. Be patient. They always say that they will show up when you least expect it. Don't search, it'll come to you! Say your daily affirmations. Work hard on being a better you. We could all be better, and maybe find some peace. 

In the meantime, keep it up. You are doing great. 


  1. wow it's honestly really mind-blowing to see that this entry has a lot in common with what we talked about shortly before you posted it. Which I'm sure is a pure coincidence and that's what's so cool. But it's very reassuring to see that we're on the same page. This is my favorite entry thus far.
    Keep fighting and never give up, hard times never last even if it seems like they might at times ��

    1. it's me btw, Sam from bird's eye

    2. I definitely agree. Put up a good fight against the universe!


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