#8 Too Cold.

 I watch so many people with such shitty partners. No one can find any good partners to stay with and it is exhausting. People cheat, and lie, and their intentions are always so wrong. On TikTok and Twitter, there are always jokes about how guys stop being nice after two weeks because their trial period ended. In reality it is because we are shown their true attitude towards life and love. It is unreal how many people that can't be straightforward with their intentions from the start. 

You could be in a solid relationship for years. You two can talk about marriage, starting a family, your goals and aspirations. You could even achieve all of this with them, then suddenly they aren't happy. Were they ever happy then? Did they get bored? Were you two straightforward about your happiness building? So many questions. Was it you? Or was it them? It. Was. Them. 

They probably got bored. Unhappy. They weren't straightforward with their goals. Did they just do all that to please you then destroy what you both built? Did they have unresolved childhood issues or trauma? Or are they just a sadist? A narcissist maybe? 

You can feel so, so good about someone but they end up ruining how good you feel with their words. I would much rather the sticks and stones. 

I don't even know, but it is all just unfair. How can you be fake happy with someone just to tear them down? We need to snuff out all of these people and put them all on an island together. Get rid of all the bad partners, put them all in therapy. Any normal person has talked to someone, whether therapist or life coach to help heal from a bad past. These partners definitely need to do the same. 

Do Not Settle. 

You can find happiness with yourself, and with someone who will love you unconditionally. It is all about being patient and surrounding yourself with good company. Make sure you are always upfront with your aspirations and what you want from love. Always. Do not settle for someone who does not appreciate everything about you. 


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