#7 It's Getting Colder...

The retrograde is finally over, so now all of the trouble in our lives is officially our own fault. How exciting! Lately everyone I know has felt so drained and sick. Even I was down bad with something, though still unknown. The retrograde- because we will blame her- destroyed so many relationships this month. I feel as though everyone is now single, and ready to dive into new relationships- or hookups- in order to not be alone for the holidays.

It feels like that time of year when the holidays are fast approaching, money is low, the flu is high, and you're just sitting there watching it all happen. 
I have decided not to dread this year. Holidays will be a joyful time, whether I am alone or not. As for my trials in the love aspect of life, I was waiting for the retrograde to ruin my life, but I think I just felt sleepy. 
I was waiting for the ending of who you all know as "Snow" but, nothing. Actually, I do think he has read some of these posts, which could help let him know how I feel. But, I'm sure that anyone who didn't feel any sort of way for me would have never seen me again after reading these. Could being a writing motivation for a writer be so bad? ...Yeah. Maybe it could be, but in a cool 'Taylor Swift writing break up songs that become number one on the charts' sort of way. People who are hard to read and can be written about constantly can definitely make a number one hit. Even if you aren't a fan of Taylor, you know she knows how to write a good, relatable song. "Mr. Perfectly Fine" is a great example. Love is a great thing to write about, but complicated heartbreak is even better. 

I don't believe anyone wants to experience heartbreak, but it is inevitable. If you're a bad person then you will also experience karma- and you know how she is. Of course until you learn your lesson and become a better person; that is when you can finally experience some real love.

No matter what, in life there is always loss, and heartbreak, and even causing broken hearts. Love, and all that crap, is always unexpected. It sucks when it gets you, but you can either ruin it or just embrace it. 

Anyway, I would love to hear all about how the retrograde effected your life this month! Did you have anything drastic happen in your relationships, or has it been dry? Be excited that now you can aim towards good things in your life! Always manifest, and definitely cut off those bad connections.

PS: @ Snow, if he is reading this... my adjectives are just fine. :) 


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