#6 It Is Only Fall

I took a break from Snow for about 17 days. It felt like a while with all my free time lately, but it was only 17 days. The next time I saw him I only hung out with him for a few hours, and haven't seen him since. I do miss him a lot, but it isn't something I would necessarily tell him. I've told him before but I think he suspects I am attached- which I am, but he need not know that!

It has been a busy, but yet lazy feeling this month. Everyone is blaming the retrograde, but I have been in my feelings a lot lately. It is okay to work through your feelings, especially if you think someone won't reciprocate. I hope you are working on yourself, and your feelings, during this weird retrograde. I have been focusing on finding work, and doing school work. But, Snow is always in the back of my mind. I guess that happens. 

There has been many times to confess how I am feeling, but we will wait till after the retrograde. 

How are you holding up during this time? Have you felt more alone than usual? Because I definitely have. I have felt more alone than usual, no matter what friends I have around. It's okay to not feel okay, but sometimes you can put on a smile and try your best to make yourself happy-- You can't rely on others for your happiness. 

I think a lot of people, when they are having a hard time in their romantic relationship and need help, they end up putting all their emotions on their friends. As a hopefully good friend, I want to be someone my friends can lean on, but not every second of the day because as a human, I can't deal with it all the time. I can listen, and even give advice if they want it, but as an everyday friend I feel that I am not reliable. 

Having a lot on your mind, or a lot on your plate, right now really is terrible.

For Halloween, I believe we should all be happy or loved. 


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