#2 The Snow Can Be Treacherous

 I saw Snow again  today. 

I can say that I do not understand men at all! They can talk so much sweet talk in your ear, or in their text messages, but switch on you so quickly. Is it because they don't want to catch feelings? Or can some of them just not commit? Is Snow incapable of commitment, or does he just not want me? 

It is hard to pinpoint where the line from friendship crosses over to relationship. View it like a fork in the road. We choose to either stay in the lane of friendship or pick the rocky road down to relationship. But, there is another road that branches off and it's a small, stupid road that's called "Friends with Benefits." Which usually has us crawling into the bushes, getting poked with jealousy thorns, and ending up on the friendship road or relationship road again.

We all know relationships can be super difficult, especially with the wrong person. We all get our hearts broken, we all try to move on from our mistakes. Sometimes we even try and forget people we did once upon a time like, or even love.  But is it worth talking to someone who may not want you in the long run? Is it worth getting hurt? Is their, or your own, character development really worth taking a heartbreak for? 

I'm sure it is good to experience a lot of different situations to learn you value, what you want in a partner, and what you're willing to give. If they can offer you all the aspects in a relationship but soon tells you that you can't date, is it worth keeping them around?

What do you think?


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