#1 Adventures in the Snow

Where do all the good partners go? Because they definitely aren't in the manga section of a Barnes and Noble. My friends believe that good partners don't exist on this planet, but there has to be good people out there. People who grow up good, others who change to be good, and the ones that never seem to grow up at all.   

Lately, I have been talking to a man who is a decade older than me, and sort of resembles a tattooed, hardcore version of Jon Snow. Snow, as we will call him, is passionate. Passionate about music and art, and other things I won't mention. The man can talk for days, rattling in his own mind. He talks like I do, where I can keep it from ever being an awkward silence because I blab on and on about anything. He just knows how to keep a conversation, his communication skills are honestly top tier. 

When we first started out, he let me know he couldn't date me, or anyone for that matter. He likes being alone. Which, I totally understand. I also like being alone... sometimes. He can talk so much about how he likes being alone, and  how he had such an adventurous life, and he is tired and just wants to vibe on his own... Sounds a lot like settling, but the man never rests. He is always doing something, going somewhere, complaining about how much he wishes he could just lay down. Yet, he never does. 

Though he says he wants to be alone, he once complained about not having a wife. Wishing he did things differently. Those typical life decision regrets. The man is in his thirties, but acts like he is 85 and can't get a wife and settle. Even people who are 85 are still getting married!

Spite wanting to be left alone, he talks to me everyday. Hangs out with me, kisses my cheek when I arrive and when I leave, gives me long hugs, and always says, "You smell good!" to which I always laugh- I guess he likes the smell of A Thousand Wishes from Bath and Body Works. 

 I was never a girl who spoke to a lot of potential partners. I only ever dated one person, and felt very obligated to date, and that was when I was a teenager trying to discover my worth. So, when I met Snow I didn't think much of it. We talked, he would watch shows he knew I liked, and it even took me a while just to say yes to hanging out with him. I thought he was cute, he thought I was cute, and you think it would turn into something, right? But, that's never how it works. 

Adventures in love are never quite as we plan them. Soulmates, twin flames... It is all insane. Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is so difficult, but you know that saying... All's fair in love and war. When the affairs of the heart overpower the rational strategic decisions to win the war, or the game of love. 

We are going to find out where all the good partners are, and if Snow is going to end up being one of them.  







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