#3 Weather Cruelty

Like a storm, relationships can be just as cruel. Falling trees can be the same as the screaming fights you could have in a relationship. But, with the right person storms could be kind of comforting. A cozy Sunday in, cuddling under a blanket. It could be so cute- if you have someone. 

Sometimes it is hard to know who’s right for you, and who you can trust with your heart. I’m sure we have all had tons of heartbreak in our lives. And it is a very real thing to be heartbroken over someone you technically didn’t date! If you're emotionally invested in someone, or something, and it ends, then of course you have the right to be upset! 

Another cruel thing is when someone so passionate, so endearing, has a fear of being hurt. It's a storm, but a storm in their mind! When all the heartbreak and pain makes their walls higher and closed off to love. 

Snow, the man, is very closed off to love. Even though he cares deeply, he doesn't want to show it often. I know he was definitely a heart breaker. I also know he has taken these past few years to grow and work on himself. It’s working, but the man is stubborn. He once said that he couldn’t care for me because he is trying to figure out his life, but as time passed he became more and more involved with me. He stated he was happy when I was happy. A gesture that, when you secretly care for someone so deeply, really pulls at your heart strings. 

When I feel sad, he can tell. He reassures and comforts, as any “friend” would. The other day he said I have everything going for me, and called me the “perfect storm.” Ironic, huh? 
Snow always let me know how he was feeling, as I’ve said. He tells me pretty much everything- except how he feels about me, which is a pretty vulnerable thing to say. 

Putting your emotions on the line and being vulnerable is hard. Snow definitely doesn’t want to get his heart hurt again, and neither do I- I don’t know anyone who genuinely wants to be heartbroken. I think that’s why I don’t really confess that I genuinely feel feelings towards him; we are all scared of rejection. 

But. Life is short. There is no time to not tell someone that you care about them. If you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, tell them. What holds you back? Fear that things will change? What makes a man finally say how he feels about a woman? And when is a good time to really say how you feel?


  1. First off…incredibly poignant and honest and pure. You aren’t holding anything back. That’s a good sign. You’re Winterfell material. Maybe even the Wall. Fearless.

    My grandmother used to say “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” I always laughed but when the phrase ‘friends with benefits’ entered our vocabulary I thought about it a lot more. There’s many many guys out there who are capable of emotional acrobatics in order to get the milk without committing to the source. They’ll turn your heart into a pretzel to keep you around. So always be, if not wary, at least aware. And I’ve played both sides of this role. But Snow intrigues me. I can completely understand how a man, especially an older man who’s been around the block, can love your company, your presence, your passion, but shrink from committing. Maybe he’s genuinely been hurt in the past. Maybe he really is on a personal journey to find himself. Or he could be a romantic flake who would have been happier in the 60’s.

    But these instalments are about YOU…not him. There ARE good men out there, great guys, and you know what they’re saying? “Where are all the good women?” Modern love is a game of blind man’s bluff. Or a purer analogy, it’s blindfolded Luke Skywalker fighting the little laser ball with his light Sabre. You have to let go of your material senses sometimes. Trust your intuition. Trust your heart whether you like the answer or not.

    Good luck with Snow. And remember how I said you were fearless? Be fearless in love. Lay it out and call his bluff. It might be magical. And be fearless to leave if he wilts.

    We all deserve the best.


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