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#17 Skip In The Snow

I think I should update you all on a little topic called "Snow." Lately Snow has been an excellent part of my life. Sometimes, you know how winters can be, it gets really cold. There are rainy days, super cold ones, but most of the time it is a really pretty snowfall. The feelings are like a staying at home by the fireplace day. Of course, all relationships have their issues but we both like each other so much that no matter what we want to be together.  I personally have my own trust issues. I have stated before that I am a dreamer and I know I am meant for huge things in life. Some day soon I hope this blog turns into more of my career journey than a life, love, relationship journey. I am an overthinker. I see a lot, have great intuition, and just sometimes fail to see the good in relationships. With Snow, I have really tried and I know he really tries too. I am grateful for the things he has taught and given me. I appreciate him wholeheartedly whether we end up together lo

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