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The Rain Clouds

I am a big people person. I love meeting people, making new friends, advocating for people. I am also anti-social and a big crybaby. I love being home, and not using my voice at all. I would love to scroll on TikTok all day or watch my new found favorite kid show, Bluey-- Quite literally obsessed with it. I also am a major overthinker. It causes a lot of problems, but it also makes me feel this need to write down my every thought in a blog or in a long snapchat video message to my bestfriend.  I won't be talking about any relationship troubles I may fall into, but for some reason the more I talk about it and get some sort of "you're not crazy" validation, I feel better. My issue is that I always need to bring up the same issue and discuss it so I can feel more and more validated after each time. Is this anyone else's problem?  I also have major insecure and jealousy issues. I can be nice of course, but once me and my partner are alone I am quiet and trying not to

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